New Bonded Goods Logistics Center and a special visit from a number of Chinese Dignitaries


With long-established supply partnerships around the world, at INWK we are always looking to develop these strategic relationships in order to expand our capabilities and offer the most unique services at the forefront of marketing execution. We work to build relationships through mutual benefit and our most recent development has come from a mix of assessing supply chain needs and using our global experience and expertise.

One of our main supply partners in China is developing a relationship with a brand new bonded co packing facility. Dongguan Qingxi Bonded Logistics Centre is a huge project that has been developed to serve Guandong Province and Dongguan City promoting economic development with the aim of supporting enterprises throughout Dongguan.

With an approved construction area of 23,000 square metres, and a total storage area of 77,000 square metres, the vast development includes a number of customs supervised warehouses complete with the most up-to-date safety and security systems. The new facility is a key addition for exporting and has a special customs and commodity inspection unit combined with an on-site declaration office. The development also encompasses a large 10 floor office block, in which both government representatives and enterprises will work from.

So what does this mean for inwk? We are engaging in a partnership that will bring a number of improvements to the service we can offer. Firstly, using the high-tech integrated management systems and storage, it will result in the reduction of shipping empty boxes which is hugely beneficial to the environment. Also, the new facility will help to drive down costs of freight, packaging, co-packing, and also storage costs at the destination of delivery. Another key benefit is that having this facility will significantly reduce route to market to various markets in the Far East and Australasia through a huge increase in accessibility.

Through strategic partnerships we are not only improving the services we can offer, but we are also working with international governments in the interest of international trade, which mirrors the broad global nature of Inner Workings and its Luxury Packaging Division. A number of Chinese dignitaries recently visited the inwk Luxury Packaging Division headquarters in Bradford, England to discuss and develop existing relationships between China and the UK through the promotion of business.

The benefits of such global activities are twofold; to further improve the inwk offering, and to contribute to global development of trade and business. We are hugely proud of the strategic partnerships and infrastructure and will continue to take a proactive approach in order to remain at the forefront of global marketing execution.

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